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Quality warranty and Responsibility

1. Under the normal conditions ,our company' s clutch cover assembly ofwarranty period is 30,000 km, clutch disc assembly warranty period 20,000km ,orafter 6 months from date of production.
2. Our company promises the full quality warranty, but the warranty does notcover ,and our company shall not be liable for any misapplication ,maladjust-ment ,faulty installation ,improper maintenance ,reassembling the clutch system, mismatch ,and SO on.
3. Following conditions cover the exchange range. In the warranty period andaccording to the operating manual,the performance and reliability faults are outof relation to the user.
A. Clutch cover assembly (1) Clutch does not separate (except for operatingsystem malfunction) (2) cover cracking (3) Diaphragm spring breaking (4)Diaphragm spring support ring breaking ,excessive wear (5) Hole mismatch
B. Clutch disc assembly
(1) Before usage the clutch plate is cracked
(2) Clutchdisc,clutch cushion breaking
(3) Spring breaking
(4) clutch plates are lack ofrivets and loosing
(5) The assembly excessive warpage
(6) Spline can notassemble (except for a shaft is unqualified)
4. If t'he clutches of our company are out of function, please contact all localdealers of our company ,according to specified faultfinding, primary define theexchange range , and fax or telephone to our company for acknowledgement. 5. If you have any questions with our products ,welcome to contact with ourdistributor or the marketing department TEL:+ 86-510-86687537 FAX:+ 86-510-86685200

Modern mechanism system innovation

The company has a professional and practical team in which researcher named senior engineer and seniortechnicians are responsible for technological management and development of new products, whichenables the company to conduct R&D independently .Moreover ,the company has various machiningequipments and heat treatment line, and qualified and acting enterprise management system and qualityinsurance system. In addition, the company puts great importance on the quality of products w hich canmeet the standard of ISO9001:2000.As for the construction of the products, both tertiary buffer and thetechnology brought from England are adopted so that the clutch disc can effectively reduce the stampingand shearing force, and the steel sheet and the damping discs, being carbonitrided, have many advantagessuch as high intensity, high elasticity, good mechanical performance and long life. All the products havepassed the test of china National Automobile Quality Supervision and Test Center and can meet theQC/T25-04 standard.

Time and space are infinite

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